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    4 Easy Steps to season your wood cutting board

    Janine Do / Chef's Corner / Published: May 24, 2020

    1. Season your board (almost) as often as you use it

    If your board is brand new, slather it with oil the first week. For maintenance, literally oil it almost as often as you use it.

    2. Pour oil onto the board 

    Amount of oil depends on size and how dry the board is, start with 1 tablespoon and add more if needed. Your board will only absorb in as much oil as it needs. You can simply wipe away the excess.

    3. Rub linearly - in the direction of the grain

    If the board resists, you're rubbing the wrong way.

    4. Wipe away the excess.

    Then let dry standing up for least 4-6 hours.

    5. TOP WITH WAX coating (optional)

    The right combination of wax and oil will render the board virtually impenetrable to harmful microbes. Wax can be applied 3-4 times a month depending on usage.

    Our ingredients

    Our seasoning oil is not a "mystery" oil - we tell you EXACTLY what's in it :

    Organic extra-virgin fractionated coconut oil, organic orange essential oil, organic rosemary extract.

    Perfected by Pharmacists

    At VBK, our co-owners are both pharmacists with a combined 28 years of clinical experience in the field. Janine has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, while Brian has a RPh degree. We are meticulous about every detail of the formulation of our seasoning oil. We also demand the best quality in our products, and make zero compromises.

    Our Mission

    Everything is made in USA.

    We're not just "Designed in USA". Don't let the other guys fool you with this clever tactic.

    Our products are designed, manufactured, processed, and packaged in USA - and every step in between.

    This is true of our oils, as well as our knives, cutting boards, and everything else you find in our store.


    1. a good seasoning oil does not go rancid

    What goes on your board may go into your mouth. Choose all organic ingredients that you normally find in your kitchen. We prefer fractionated coconut oil, since it resists rancidity, and pours nicely. Avoid cooking oils such as canola, olive, avocado, or grapeseed, as these can go rancid.

    2. What about mineral oil?

    That industrial byproduct that came from China? We have no comment.

    3. Can't I use my own coconut oil jar?

    Yes, of course! Use the fractionated version if possible, since it resist rancidity better. If you only have the regular kind - the kind that solidifies at room temperature - that's okay, too! Just make sure you choose extra-virgin all-organic coconut oil. A fresh jar is best. If your coconut oil is no longer snow white in color but is becoming "off-white", it's time for a new jar.

    4. Where can I find fractionated coconut oil?

    You might find them at most health food stores. If you prefer it shipped to your house, we have a version that you might love here.

    "More than happy!!
    I love the cutting board I purchased from Virginia Boys Kitchens. It is so pretty, I leave it out on my counter all the time and use it constantly.

    Definitely worth every penny! ... and loved getting their friendly emails." - Jason B.

    Is it worth the $20 price tag?

    Absolutely! VBK only uses the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to achieve the maximum level of quality, and long lasting nourishment for all your wood products. All of our products are designed, sourced, manufactured, and packaged in USA. We also care about the environment we live in - we plant one tree for every purchase of our wood products. Last year, thanks to customers like you, we planted over 14,000 trees!


    "I tried this product because of it's all natural safe qualities... I am so happy I did!
    I've always been against most cutting board oils because of the questionable ingredients, this has nothing in it but coconut oil, orange oil and rosemary extract! All things that I use in my kitchen already"

    — NewHope


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