The MacBeth Women's Waxed Canvas Apron by Sturdy Brothers

Fulfilled by our friends at Sturdy Brothers - We didn't make these but someone really great did!

This petite Women's version of our classic Charles apron is made of waxed canvas and leather, so it's extremely durable and capable. We use a blend of local beeswax/paraffin wax/and linseed oil to coat the canvas and perfect the weathered look.

Our Sturdy Apron would make a great purchase for hairdressers, baristas, woodworkers, potters, handy-women, artists, etc. We encourage anyone and everyone who likes to get their hands dirty to grab one of these.

// 12 oz. Nutmeg Waxed Canvas with 9 oz. Navy Waxed Canvas Pockets, 5/8 inch 9 oz. Chestnut finished leather waist and neck straps, Copper Rivets and Button Studs.


How to care for this Waxed Canvas product.