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Waxed Canvas Apron

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For Builders, Doers, and Creators of all kinds

Our Waxed Canvas Apron is for people passionate about doing what they love. Whether you’re a barista at a coffee shop, a barber, a grill master, or a woodworker, this apron should be in your toolbox.

This is a true craftsman's apron for those who build, repair, and create for a living or passion. Craftsmen who need to keep items close at hand while getting their hands dirty with tools or food. This waxed canvas apron is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability. It's made of incredibly durable waxed canvas, therefore it can survive constantly getting splattered with oil and other stains.

Made in America

Virginia Boys Kitchens have crafted a solid, handmade, one-of-a-kind apron with plenty of character and masculine simplicity. Simply adjust the strap around the neck, do the same for the strap around the waist, and start making things.

Utility and fashion

The pockets are generous in space, and there is no lack of details, simple as the apron may be. Above all, it features two convenient big front pockets to hold your tools and phones and a small chest pocket for pens and pencils.

The button studs and clasp are made of brass and retain a nice shine. The adjustable chestnut leather straps provide an easy way to adjust the apron to suit your frame, therefore on  size fits most. Simple but sophisticated copper rivets adorn the ruggedly handsome, practical design.

The waxed cotton is stiff but provides a sure bulwark against sawdust and other shop debris. Waxed canvas construction means this apron will break in slowly over time. It's the boxer shorts of aprons.

The leather Virginia Boys Kitchens logo is proudly badged on the front of the apron. Because when you wear this, people will want to know where to get it.

  • 12 oz. Nutmeg Waxed Canvas
  • 9 oz. Navy Waxed Canvas Pockets
  • 5/8 inch 9 oz. Chestnut finished leather waist and neck straps
  • Copper Rivets and Brass Button Studs