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    Your trusty tools in the kitchen or by the grill. Made with top quality American steel and assembled, finished and polished by hand.

    More About The Collection

    The most important knife in your kitchen arsenal is an all-purpose, versatile and sturdy 8 inch chef knife. A quality chef knife – or cook's knife – may be used for all kinds of food preparation, from slicing apples, chopping up herbs, crushing garlic or dicing tomatoes. With the right kind of tools, a home cook can feel like a professionally trained chef, creating meals to match. High end kitchen knives are indispensable cutlery items that allow you to chop, slice and dice like a pro. A stainless steel chef knife features a long, sharp blade deal for cutting a variety of ingredients, including meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs. The blade on a professional chef knife is broader than everyday utility knives, making it practical for preparing different ingredients. Because of its versatile design, a high quality chef knife makes an prime first addition to your cutlery drawer. It is a fantastic multi-purpose cook’s tool that can perform a variety of culinary tasks.

    Virginia Boys Kitchens believe in a commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. We think that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty for function. Which is why we have created a beautifully crafted walnut wood handle chef knife- bringing you a locally made product with the highest quality material and the utmost manufacturing integrity that you won’t find elsewhere. Made entirely in the USA in a traditional Colonial-era style of knifemaking, our forged chef knife has been thoughtfully designed for comfortable handling, premier thumb stability and effortless chopping. Featuring a handle made from first classification sustainably sourced walnut wood, the materials are both durable and strong, offering years of heavy use. To maintain your full tang chef knife blade’s sharpness, carefully hand wash the cutlery in warm, soapy water, and stick to mild dish soaps. When selecting a kitchen knife full tang blade for your kitchen, you should also choose the appropriate accessories to go with it. Choosing a premium quality wood chopping board is just as important as choosing the knife itself, as the material can affect the lifespan of your 8” chef knife blade.


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