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Collection: Wood Charcuterie Boards

16 products



16 products


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16 products

  • Medium 10x16 inch Walnut ...
    $100.00 $85.0015% Off!
  • 8 x 17 Walnut Cutting Boa...
    $85.00 $65.0024% Off!
  • 4 x 20 Walnut Cutting Boa...
    $75.00 $60.0020% Off!
  • Large Round Walnut Wood C...
    $100.00 $85.0015% Off!
  • Small Round Walnut Charcu...
    $80.00 $60.0025% Off!
  • Charcuterie & Cheese Boar...
    $190.00 $170.0011% Off!
  • Mom's Cutting Board - 10 ...
    $99.00 $80.0019% Off!
  • Charcuterie and Appetizer...
    $75.00 $49.0035% Off!
  • Premium Walnut Cutting Bo...
    $69.99 $59.9914% Off!

Wood Charcuterie Boards for Entertaining

Wood Charcuterie Boards are the perfect addition to any gathering with family and friends. A beautifully crafted gourmet walnut wood charcuterie board is the ideal way to present beloved cheese to food lovers, allowing you to effortlessly feed your guests without spending all day in the kitchen. Impress your guests with an unforgettable cheese or charcuterie platter at your next event. These boards not only serve as a preparation tool but also double as a presentation piece, perfect for serving finger foods such as bread, meat, fruit, crackers, and cheese.

Sustainable sourced and hand crafted, our walnut wood cheese cutting boards add a special touch to any event. Wood won't dull knives, increasing longevity for both cutlery and the board. And when you're having guests over, it’ll be your secret weapon for creating an effortlessly elegant spread of cheeses, charcuterie, or any other hors d’oeuvres that fit the mood!

Locally Made Products with High Quality Material

Virginia Boys Kitchens believe in a commitment to quality and the environment. We think that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty for function. We created locally made charcuterie boards with superior quality and craftsmanship you won't find anywhere else.

These USA-made, sustainably sourced walnut boards adds elegance to any kitchen. A charcuterie board from our collection will be your all-purpose workhorse for serving cheese, fruits, james, vegetables, and meats.