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Upgrade Your Kitchen

With a Walnut Cutting Board

Chose from our selection of walnut cutting boards and cheese boards, perfect for both serious prep work and beautful presentation.

  • More hygienic than a plastic and more knife-friendly than glass and marble
  • Handmade from responsibly sourced black walnut wood in the USA
  • All natural and unseasoned - finish your board with safe and trusted ingredients like coconut, walnut or flaxseed oil

Beauty + Function For Every Kitchen

Walnut Cutting Boards

17 x 11 Reversible Walnut Cutting Board

18 x 24 Reversible Walnut Cutting Board

  8 x 12 Reversible Walnut Cutting Board

  20 x 15 Reversible Walnut Cutting Board

Walnut Cheese Boards

10.5" Reversible Walnut Cheese Board

13.5" Reversible Walnut Cutting Board

Walnut Handle Boards

10 x 16 Walnut Handle Board

4 x 20 Walnut Handle Board

8 x 17 Walnut Handle Board

A Word From Our Customers

"A very nice quality board. I read the reviews and followed the sellers instructions by getting some coconut oil. As soon as I put the oil on, the color came out in this board. To be honest, my wife loves this so much she's not letting me cut anything on it."

Rob  -  January 25, 2018

"Awesome cutting board! Be careful if you order the extra large as it is huge! Beautiful piece of wood once it is treated. I received it in two days as promised just in time to treat it and use it to display and serve an antipasto platter for a New Year's Eve dinner party. It made a beautiful presentation!"

Steve R.  - January 1, 2018

"As a PS, I have had this cutting board for a year now, it is still going strong. No cracks, no warping. I know it seems pricey for a cutting board, in acutality, you will save money since after you buy this cutting board, you will never need to purchase another one. Plus it is made in the USA."

Cindie Douglas  -  September 3, 2017