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Best Meats for Charcuterie Boards - Unique Meats You Didn't Think Of

Best Meats for Charcuterie Boards - Unique Meats You Didn't Think Of

What is a Charcuterie Board?

A charcuterie board is a platter of meat and cheese, typically featuring cured meats like salami and pork, as well as crackers and other accompaniments. Charcuterie boards are a great way to entertain guests or enjoy a night in with friends and family.


What Goes on a Charcuterie Board?

best meats for charcuterie - salami pepperoni

A charcuterie board is a platter of meats, cheeses and other finger foods. It is a perfect appetizer or snack for any party or gathering. The key to a great charcuterie board is to have a variety of meats, cheeses and other items to please everyone's palate. Some common items that you'll find on a charcuterie board are: cheese, cured meats, crackers and breads.

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When Should You Serve a Charcuterie Board?

Charcuterie boards are the perfect way to impress your guests with a delicious and beautiful spread of cured meats, cheeses, and other savory snacks. But when is the best time to serve one? Here are a few ideas:


-As an appetizer: A charcuterie board makes a great appetizer for a dinner party or other special event. Guests can nibble on the various meats and cheeses while they wait for the main course.


-As a main course: If you're having a smaller gathering, you can serve a charcuterie board as the main course. This is especially perfect if you want to keep things informal and relaxed. Simply add some bread, crackers, or fruit to the board and let your guests help themselves.


-As a dessert: Yes, you can even have a charcuterie board for dessert! Just fill it with sweet meats, cheeses, fruits, and other tasty treats. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by this unique and delicious way to end the meal.


What Are the Best Meats for a Charcuterie Board?

meats that go on charcuterie includes salami prosciutto

There are many different meats that can be used for a charcuterie board, but some are better than others. Salami, mortadella, and prosciutto are all excellent choices and they are most common on charcuterie.

This is probably because they are spreadable and have a lot of flavor. Sausage and chorizo are also good options, but they can be quite salty. Bologna and pork shoulder are not the best meats for a charcuterie board because they lack flavor and are not very spreadable.


What Is a Charcuterie Boards Served On Today?

Sometimes you'll find charcuterie served on a ceramic dish, but mostly they are not big enough. A hostess might opt for a metal one - but the presentation is not quite there with metal plates.

wooden tray walnut charcuterie

Today, a charcuterie board is a serving tray that is typically made of wood. It can be a tray, or if you don't have one you can use the largest cutting board you have. They can be pretty spectacular in their presentation.

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Put out salami your guests can cut for themselves

If you're looking for a meat that your guests can cut for themselves, salami is a great option. Salami is made from pork and is a type of charcuterie. Charcuterie boards are typically filled with various types of meats, including salami. Salami is flavored with paprika and other spices.


Go ahead, try some lard!

Go ahead and try some lard! This traditional cooking fat is making a comeback in the culinary world. Lard is a great addition to any charcuterie board, and can really elevate the flavor of meat and crackers.


You might want to try cured sausages

A charcuterie board is a meat lover's dream, and definitely includes some cured sausages. Sausage is a staple of charcuterie boards, as it is a delicious and versatile meat. Chorizo, in particular, is a great choice for a charcuterie board as it is a flavorful and smokey sausage. Get this shipped to your door here.


Meat pâté is a must-have

If you're looking to build an impressive charcuterie board, you'll need to include a meat pâté. Pâté is a type of forcemeat, meaning it's made by finely grinding or pureeing meat and fat. It's then typically mixed with other ingredients like spices, wine, and sometimes eggs. The result is a smooth, spreadable paste that's perfect for topping crackers or bread. Plus, it's just plain delicious. So if you're looking to take your charcuterie game up a notch, be sure to include a meat pâté on your next platter (see duck foie gras and other pates here, shipped to you!)


Smoked salmon can be a refreshing addition

Smoked salmon can be a refreshing addition to a charcuterie board or meat platter. It pairs well with cheese and crackers, and its delicate flavor is a nice contrast to salami.


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