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Tilapia Seasoning Recipe – The Best Herbs and Spices to Try

Adnan Ahmad
Tilapia Seasoning Recipe – The Best Herbs and Spices to Try

Tilapia has a mild, slightly sweet flavor but is popular all over the world as a delicacy. Its versatility allows individuals to cook it in various ways, including grilling, baking, steaming, and frying. Thanks to a firm texture, tilapia holds up well to different cooking methods. Besides being suited for diverse dishes, the best tilapia seasoning blends enhance its natural flavor and create unique flavor profiles. Let us explore the top products to season your tilapia with below:

Tilapia Seasoning Ingredients

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Lemon
  • Thyme
  • Garlic powder
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Parsley
  • Paprika
  • Onion powder
  • Oregano
  • Fennel
  • Celery
  • Tarragon


Salt and pepper are basic ingredients in tilapia seasoning. Salt balances other seasonings and enhances the natural tilapia flavor. On the other hand, pepper provides heat and flavor depth. Lemon is another popular ingredient for seasoning seafood. Although some individuals prefer lime or orange, lemon provides a citrusy flavor that compliments tilapia’s mild taste.

Thyme adds an earthy and herbaceous note and provides aroma. Meanwhile, garlic powder also creates a savory, aromatic flavor and improves the overall depth. Individuals who desire more heat and a spicy kick use cayenne pepper. Apart from heat and spice, cayenne provides an attractive red color. When mixed with paprika, it makes the pale tilapia more appealing.

Paprika provides a mild, slightly sweet flavor. However, unlike cayenne pepper, it doesn’t provide heat. The only similarity is the red hue. Parsley infuses a hint of bitterness to the seasoning, while onion powder adds a savory, onion-like flavor. Oregano, like parsley, contributes a slightly bitter flavor with hints of citrus and mint. In contrast, fennel adds a subtle anise-like flavor, while celery provides a mild, herbal flavor. Lastly, tarragon contributes a subtle, licorice-like flavor.

The Best Tilapia Seasoning

Tilapia reacts well with most seasonings, so there is no cap on the number of herbs and spices you can try. That said, shopping for individual ingredients will take time. If you don’t have that luxury, we recommend you buy a tilapia seasoning blend. The products are naturally sourced and contain more ingredients than you can buy on your own. Explore them below:

  1. Superb For Seafood

These complete 6-pack gourmet seasonings and rubs are perfect for all seafood, including tilapia. The artisanal ingredients are suitable for everyday meals and BBQ favorites like plank salmon and seared shrimp. Apart from tilapia, the seasoning goes well with trout, whitefish, tuna steaks, and sea bass. As a result, its versatility provides value on purchase, as the products serve multiple purposes.

Ingredients in the Collection

  • Everything But The BBQ Seasoning: Garlic, Onion, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Cane Sugar, Paprika, Coconut Palm Sugar, Basil, Parsley, Red Bell Pepper, Sesame Seeds, Red Cayenne, White Pepper, Chives, Poppy Seeds, Chervil.
  • Great Lakes Fish Fry & BBQ Rub: Garlic, Sea Salt, Paprika, Onion, Black Pepper, Cane Sugar, Red Pepper Flakes, Red Cayenne, Tart Cherry, Cherry Extract, Bay Leaves, Celery Seed, Mustard Powder, White Pepper, Sage, Nutmeg, Thyme, All Spice, Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon.
  • Extra Spicy Bayou Boil BBQ Seasoning: Oregano, Paprika, Granulated Garlic, Minced Onion, Coarse Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Thyme, Black Pepper, Bay Leaves, Ground Celery Seed, Red Cayenne, Chili Pepper, Chipotle Pepper, Red Pepper.
  • Herbed Maple & Spice BBQ Seasoning: Garlic, Pepper, Sea Salt, Rosemary, Sugar, Basil, Red Pepper Flakes, Thyme, Dill, Chervil, Orange Peel, Maple, Red Cayenne, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cloves.
  • Garlic Pepper Rub: California Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Parsley.
  • Pacific Seafood Seasoning: Celery Seed, White Pepper, Bay Leaves, Clove, Sea Salt, Allspice, Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Paprika, Mustard Powder.
  1. Everything But The Classic Cookout

This authentic, handcrafted cookout flavor is another top tilapia seasoning blend you can buy. The Guacamole spice mix makes for an excellent rub for seafood and shellfish like shrimp and scallops. Not only this, but also oven-baked and air-fryer favorites like tilapia, cod, and snapper. The package contains blends for making fish burgers and tacos, and there is a product for seasoning fried chicken.

Ingredients in the Collection

  • Everything But The Fried Chicken Seasoning: Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper, Sugar, Mustard Powder, White Pepper, Thyme, Sage, Celery, Basil, Chili Pepper, Ginger, Wasabi Powder, Honey, Rosemary.
  • Everything But The Burger Seasoning: Garlic, Sea Salt, Sugar, Black Pepper, Worcester Powder, Red Cayenne, Red Bell Pepper, Mustard Powder, Mushroom Powder.
  • Everything But The Taco Seasoning: Paprika, Garlic, Salt, Red Pepper Flakes, Sugar, Oregano, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Coriander, Chipotle Peppers, Chili Peppers, Jalapeño Peppers, Cilantro, White Pepper, Fenugreek, Fennel, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cloves, Basil, Rosemary, Celery, Thyme, Marjoram, Ginger, Cumin, Cinnamon.
  • Everything But The Guacamole Seasoning: Garlic, Onion, Salt, Jalapeño, Cilantro, Red Pepper Flakes, Lime Juice, and Red Cayenne Peppers.


  1. Japanese Seasoning Gift Set

The Japanese seasoning set is perfect for cooking tilapia with a delicate umami, sweet, and acidic touch of Japanese cuisine. Although crafted in the USA, the blends pay homage to Japanese flavors and are easy to use. The spices are perfect for cooking, baking, grilling, and searing tilapia. The Pacific Seafood seasoning contains 12 herbs and spices, and there are other seasonings for making sweet, hot, and sour tilapia.

Ingredients in the Collection

  • Wasabi Sea Salt: California Sea Salt, Wasabi Japonica.
  • Green Tea Sea Salt: California Sea Salt, Japanese Matcha Powder.
  • Pacific Seafood Seasoning: Celery Seed, White Pepper, Bay Leaves, Clove, Sea Salt, Allspice, Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Paprika, Mustard Powder.
  • Shichimi Ramen Seasoning: California Sea Salt, Chili Peppers, Sesame Seeds, Dehydrated Orange, Poppy Seeds, Ginger and Seaweed.
  • Sweet, Hot, & Sour Seasoning: Salt, Garlic, Onion, Lime Juice, Worcester Powder, Red Pepper Flakes, Red Cayenne, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Wasabi Powder, Orange Peel.
  • Japanese Green Tea Matcha Cane Sugar: Cane Sugar, Pure Culinary Grade Green Tea Matcha Powder.


The best tilapia seasoning blends will elevate your simple meal into a masterpiece. They are sustainably sourced, easy to use, and feature only natural ingredients. Most importantly, a single purchase will save visiting the market multiple times for herbs and spices. Buy one today.

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