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    Great Gift Ideas for the Cook in Your Home

    Great Gift Ideas for the Cook in Your Home

    When it comes to gifting loved ones, nothing beats a tool that helps fuel their passion. In the case of an aspiring chef, a must-have piece of kitchen equipment or a handy gadget to help them cook is bound to put a smile on their faces.
    Whether you’re giving a gift or spoiling yourself, our list of gift ideas for the cook in your home has you covered. We’ve included everything from essential appliances to impressive tools that will make a cook’s life easier than ever.

    Gourmet Pepper Grinder

    There’s nothing worse than a plasticky old grinder that does little more than throw pepper seeds all over your food. It’s about time you or your loved one upgraded to the Cole & Mason wood grinder. This stylish and elegant grinder features a diamond sharpened ceramic mechanism which accurately grinds your pepper into a size of your choice.

    Herb Scissors

    Herb scissors are a must-have in every chef’s kitchen. Their multi-blade design allows them to perfectly and evenly slice up your herbs in no time. Even a solid stainless-steel pair will barely set you back $10 and will serve as a time-saving investment for years to come.

    Bluetooth Precision Cooker

    Take your kitchen into the future with the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker. This nifty little tool features a customizable timer and temperature control system. The device can be hooked up to your phone via Bluetooth, which allows you to monitor your food from wherever you are in the house.

    It’s perfect for meats, vegetables, fruit, cheese, and whatever else you can imagine. Simply stick it onto any pot, adjust your settings, and you’re set. The inclusive mobile app features a number of recipes and guides for you to try out on top of it,s Bluetooth functionality.

    Oil Infuser

    For the seasoned chef out there, this oil infuser allows you to combine the rich flavors of your favorite herbs or vegetables with an oil of your choice. It’s a pretty cleverly designed tool with measurements on the bottle so that you can get the perfect combination. Simply pour in your oil and add whatever you want to infuse it with.

    Smoke-Less Indoor Grill

    Ever wanted to have a good old barbeque but couldn’t because of the weather outside? Here’s a simple solution: Bring the barbeque inside! Thanks to the Philips Smoke-Less Indoor Grill, you can make hot dogs, grilled pineapples, steak, chicken, ribs, and burgers from the comfort of your own kitchen.

    A non-stick grate makes for quick and easy cleaning while the compact size allows you to keep it virtually anywhere. For just over $250, getting that perfectly grilled slice of meat has never been easier.

    Apple Corer and Slicer

    Want to spoil the cook in your home with an extra little gift on the side? Amco’s apple corer is the perfect answer. Not only does it seamlessly get rid of the core of your apple, but it will also cut up the remaining pieces into equal slices. It features convenient handles on the side and two different sizing options for you to choose from. `

    Instant Marinator

    Marinades take time, lots of it. And sometimes we just want to have our meat flavored and ready to go without the countless hours required to get the perfect marinade. This is where the Tomorrow’s Kitchen Instant Marinator comes in handy.

    Okay - it’s not exactly instant, but with a turnaround time of 20 minutes, it’s a major upgrade over traditional marinating. It works by creating a vacuum inside the container, opening up the pores in your meat and drawing the marinade in. It’s made in the Netherlands and works great for steak, fish, vegetables, and poultry.

    Wine Aerator

    We all have that friend or family member who absolutely adores their wines. Why not treat them with a fitting gift? The Rabbit Super Wine Aerator aerates your wine as you pour it into the glass, improving its flavor while also ensuring a steady, mess-free pour. The silicone base fits on all bottles and is easy to attach.

    Floral Oven Mitt

    Everyone needs an oven mitt - why not give them one that looks cool? That oily old one probably needs a replacement, anyway. Perhaps a prettier mitt will get more attention.


    So, there you have it, 10 tried and tested gifts for you to spoil your favorite chef with. Don’t forget to let your gift recipient know to aerate their wine responsibly!