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How to Store Cutting Boards - Best Kitchen Organization

top view of wooden cutting boards stacked on top of each other to show how to store cutting boards

A cutting board seems like the last thing to take into account when planning your kitchen’s design. Most cooks have more than one cutting board lying around and taking up valuable counter space. Since they are an essential kitchen tool, it's important to find a great solution for how to store cutting boards. In this article we share stylish ideas to help you store your cutting boards without compromising on accessibility.

Why Store Cutting Boards?

As much as we love our cutting boards, we only use them for a fraction of the time. They spend a good amount of time in storage which eventually affects how our cutting boards look. A plastic board can get away with harsh storage conditions however a wooden board needs all the care to prevent it from warping.

kitchen cabinets and counter tops with wooden cutting boards displayed on the counter

How to Store Cutting Boards

This list we’ve compiled will help you store both your wooden and plastic boards to keep them in optimal condition;

On the Counter

If you’re not short on counter space, storing your cutting boards right on the counter is a no-brainer. For one, it makes them easy to access all while showcasing your incredible collection of boards.

This is the best type of storage for a beautiful walnut wood cutting board. When storing your boards on the counter, we always suggest you keep them in a vertical position to avoid moisture pooling on either surface. Placing them leaned against a wall is the best idea if you insist on having them directly on your countertop. 

If you're feeling fancy, get a extra large cutting board holder that's large enough to hold your cutting boards - and you can leave them on the kitchen island, or push them up against the countertop.

Store Cutting Boards in a Drawer

Drawer space isn’t always readily available in a tiny kitchen, so this hack is for those with an extra drawer to spare. You can always free up counter space by shoving your cutting boards in a drawer. When storing this way, place a mat in between each layer to keep the cutting boards from slipping. You can also alternate the direction of the grain to further preserve the integrity of your boards.

A couple of our cutting boards can fit inside a drawer - such as the 8x12 inch small cutting board, or the 17x11 inch cutting board that is great for everyday use.

Hang Cutting Boards on a Wall

Every good cutting board deserves to be displayed! But how can you show them off without taking up precious counter space? Why not hang them up and let them contrast with the backsplash, drawing attention? Hanging cutting boards is convenient, gives easy access, showcases good pieces, and doesn't carry the risk of moisture damage.

This is the perfect solution if you have a beautiful charcuterie paddle or handle board to display. Just make sure to choose hooks that can support the weight of your boards. We recommend using cup hooks or s-hooks. But this only works if your cutting board comes with a hole in it. Or, if you're a little handy, put a hole in it and hang it, like this picture below:

hanging wall storage showing kitchen supplies and a cutting board hanging

Built-in Dividers

This hack is exclusively for homeowners (or renters with extremely accommodating landlords). This solution is great if you're looking to exercise your woodworking skills! Building dividers into a lower or upper shelf that gets little use creates a wonderful haven for your boards. With dividers like these, you can store multiple boards in an upright position. It’s also custom design genius. If you’re concerned about the workload, consider that the time spent is a small price to pay for the luxury of not having scattered boards.

Dish Rack

Dish racks are getting more and more functional. Modern dish racks include a designated area to store a cutting board. This solution is perfect for someone with only one board that gets used constantly. For this solution, the board is always kept in a drying position until its next use. Use, wash, and store in a neat cycle without needing to dry the board before storage.

As great of an option as this is, a dish rack can only store one board at a time. Plus, the cutting board should probably be less than 0.75cm thick. This also doesn't lend itself to the best way to care for wooden boards because we want to keep the moisture as far away from them as possible. However, it's perfect for plastic boards as they don’t get moisture damage.

Alternatively, consider buying one of our extra large cutting board holder - it matches wood cutting boards perfectly, and it's sturdy enough to hold a large cutting board all by itself without tipping over (we're not kidding!). This is how large it is:

Pot Lid Holder

Design genius comes in finding new uses for existing items! We're always trying to save a few extra bucks, so we love to repurpose organization tools. If you already have a pot lid holder in your kitchen, you can create a new use for it by using it to store your cutting boards. We always recommend storing boards upright and this tool gives you exactly that. Plus, you'll have the option to store each board in its own section. As convenient as it may be, don’t get too excited and stack too many boards! Even just one very heavy board would cause a pot lid holder to buckle under the pressure.

Hanging Rack

If you’re short on space with no counter or drawer options, you can always create an extra space using hanging racks that can either be placed under an upper cabinet or hung on the door of a lower cabinet. This is a temporary storage solution that lets you make use of a few open spaces within your tiny kitchen. Unfortunately, you can’t store too many cutting boards on these, so you’ll have to keep your collection small.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you choose to store your cutting boards, be sure your solution is right for your board. For wooden boards, you must ensure they are getting enough air circulation and no contact with moisture. It would be a shame to go to all the trouble only to end up with warped boards. 

We hoped our list inspired your next mini-design hack. If you're interested in the cutting board holder show below, click here for more details.


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