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Top Flavorful Types of Steaks Medium Rare Cuts

Justin Gonzalez
Types of Steaks Medium Rare Cuts

The steak cuts cooked medium-rare are usually rich in nutrition, crispy, and deliciously flavorful. Steaks can be cooked differently with varying degrees of temperature, treatment, and additional ingredients. The doneness of the medium steak rare ranges from steak to steak and can be interpreted through physical texture and a thermometer by measuring its temperature.

You can choose steak medium-rare according to your taste intent. This article carries a detailed interpretation of the types of medium-rare steaks along with the supportive procedure of doneness that would help you to bite a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak with mouth-watering and juicy flavor.

What Is Steak Medium Rare?

A medium-rare steak is a steak cut that is cooked, potentially at 130–135°F, resulting in a red-centered, juicy slice of meat. Steak medium rare is a flavored steak with tender chewiness, enhancing the cravings of steak lovers. A medium-rare steak is recognized by:

  • Measuring the temperature reading of a thermometer.
  • Observing a seared cut of a slice with distinctive color and texture.
  • Interpreting the tenderness, texture, and flavor of the steak.

How Is Steak Medium Rare Cooked?

The medium-rare steak can be cooked over a gas stove or charcoal grill. To make the cuts of meat more delicious, you must slice the meat pieces into fine pieces. For efficient cooking, steak medium rare is cooked:

  • 4-5 minutes per side for an inch of steak on average.
  • Setting approximately 130–140 °F temperature.
  • Cook the steak until it has a juicy, red-centered appearance.

Is steak medium-rare healthy?

Steak medium rare is a healthier choice for people concerned about their wellness. There are no possible harmful effects of medium-rare steaks when they are consumed appropriately. Steak medium-rare cuts are adequately cooked or grilled steaks at moderate temperature. However, the steaks should be cooked properly at an adequate temperature and repeatedly turned to ensure proper cooking.

Types of Steaks Can Be Cooked in Medium Rare

Sliced Grilled Meat

The taste intents of every steak lover are different, and every person has their likes and dislikes about the steaks based on the source and flavor. The top mouthwateringly flavored types of medium-rare steaks, along with their doneness, are given below:

1. Sirloin Steak Medium Rare

Sirloin Steak Medium Rare

The sirloin steak is cut from the sirloin region of the animal, and it can be molded into several cuts of steak. It has a delicious texture and a juicy taste when it is cooked properly. Sirloin steak, medium rare, is a great option with excellent taste for steak lovers.

Sirloin Medium Rare Doneness

The perfect sirloin medium-rare doneness is achieved when the sirloin steak meets the following criteria:

  • Medium rare temperature for sirloin is 135°F.
  • Cook or grill for about 10-12 minutes.
  • Keep turning the steaks every 2 minutes.
  • Observe medium-rare steak’s color, i.e., red in the center and pink from the edges.
  • Finally, check the doneness of the sirloin steak medium-rare before serving.

2. Ribeye Steak Medium Rare

    Ribeye steak medium rare, is considered the most flavorful and loveable cut of steak among people. The ribeye cuts come from the ribs of the animals, and when they are cooked medium rare, their flavor just goes beyond likeliness.

    Ribeye Medium Rare Doneness

    For a perfectly cooked medium-rare, the ribeye steak, it should be treated as follows:

    • Set the temperature at 130°F.
    • Cook a 1-inch ribeye steak for at least 12 minutes.
    • Turn the steak side after every 3 minutes.
    • Ensure medium-rare doneness.
    • Rest the steak for at least 5 minutes before serving it.

    3. Strip Steak Medium Rare

      Strip Steak Medium Rare

      The New York Strip or Strip steak, is a rectangular cut with marbling. When a strip steak is cooked medium-rare, it turns tender, but its tenderness is less than that of a ribeye steak. Its striking texture and mouthwatering flavor make it a favorite among steak lovers.

      Strip Steak Medium Rare Doneness

      To properly cook or grill the strip steak medium-rare, you must keep the following criteria in mind:

      • Set about 125–130°F.
      • Start cooking from a low to a high temperature.
      • Keep turning the steaks after every 2 minutes.
      • Cook strip steaks for at least 15 minutes.
      • Interpret the strip steak's medium-rare doneness by its texture.

      4. T-bone steak, Medium Rare

        T-bone steak comes from the short loin section of the animal. It is usually a huge cut of steak and, therefore, can be served to a crowd. T-bone steak medium rare is a flavorful, tendered steak with a delicious taste.

        T-bone Medium Rare Doneness

        The recommendations to ideally reach the doneness of T-bone steak medium rare include:

        • Operate the stove or grill at about 130°F.
        • Cook or grill a T-bone steak for at least 15 minutes.
        • Turn the sides of the T-bone steak after every 3 minutes.
        • Observe the changing color of the steak, i.e., the pink center and brown edges.
        • Check the T-bone medium-rare steak’s doneness by checking its tenderness.

        5. Tenderloin Medium Rare Steak

          Tenderloin Medium Rare Steak

          The tenderloin steak is a more extended cut of meat with no marbling. Compared to the other types of medium-rare steaks, tenderloin steak is not very flavorful, yet the addition of some flavored ingredients may enhance its taste.

          Tenderloin Medium Rare Doneness

          A perfectly cooked tenderloin medium-rare steak doneness is achieved by following these steps:

          • Set 135°F as the initial temperature.
          • Cook 1-inch tenderloin steaks for about 25 minutes.
          • Turn the fabricated pieces after every 7 minutes.
          • Observe the internal golden brown color of tenderloin steak.
          • Cross-check the doneness of medium-rare tenderloin steak with a thermometer.


          While talking about the best cuts of steak, one cannot take judgmental opinions from anyone else, as the entire likeness of a steak depends on how it is cooked and how you want to consume it. There are different types of steaks that have a different essence when they are cooked medium-rare. Every steak is cooked at a different temperature depending on the slice's thickness and the steak's source.

          The medium-rare steaks taste differently when sliced and treated with different ingredients. In this article, various cuts of steak are listed with their doneness criteria. Depending on these, you can check the doneness of the particular steak by interpreting its texture and temperature through a thermometer.

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