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Alternate Uses for Your Beautiful Serving Tray

Cyrus Roepers
Alternate Uses for Your Beautiful Serving Tray

Alternate Uses for Your Beautiful Serving Tray

A serving tray is a versatile item for the home that can offer both functional and stylish features to your everyday life. Even though a serving tray is traditionally used for serving up food and drinks, it can be a great way to keep a messy and disorganized space tidy, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Serving trays have become increasingly popular ornaments to include in your living space and they are one of the latest trends in interior design.

You may even have a serving tray at the back of the cupboard attracting dust. But dust that baby off and find a use for it! A serving tray can be a beautiful ornament that you can feature in any room in your house to give it that stylish finishing touch.

Living Room

A serving tray can be particularly useful and look great in your living room, especially on a coffee table. It is a great way to keep your things all in one place without making the room look cluttered and untidy. You can style a serving board on your coffee table in several ways.

You can go for a more minimalistic look by just keeping some monochrome style candles and some coasters in the serving tray. This will make your table put more together without having items just placed on the table at random.

Alternatively, you can develop the items on your serving tray to tie in with the colors and themes that exist already in your room. This could involve placing flowers and candles on the serving tray that match an existing color theme. These are just a few great ways to use a serving tray to develop your desired décor in a room.

The Nightstand

For most people, the nightstand ends up being a cluttered mess of books, half-empty glasses of water, hair ties, and random skincare products. When climbing into bed at the end of a long day, often items just get randomly thrown on the nightstand and are left for you to deal with on another day.

However, if you add a serving tray on to the space by your bed, you may find that your nightstand becomes a lot more organized (and more appealing to the eye!). You can use your serving tray as an organizer and place things in a coherent way, which can also make them easier to find. If you have a serving tray that offers a designated place for all your items, then you are more likely to keep it tidy.

Dining Room

Using a walnut wood serving tray in your dining room can be another way to make a room both organized as well as stylish. While they can offer a great place to keep ornaments, they are also a great home for items you will need. For example, you could place a serving tray on your dining room table to keep placemats and condiments needed for meal times. This means they are on hand when they are needed but don’t make your dining room space look untidy and cluttered. While you could get a serving tray that matches the style of your dining room table, you could also go for something bold to show the contrast and make a feature out of it.

Having a serving tray on hand in the dining room can be useful, as it can then be used for its original purpose, which is making transporting things between rooms a lot easier.

A Pop-Up Bar

A serving tray can make for a great impromptu bar as part of an everyday feature in a room, or as a place to keep the drinks during a get-together or party. The creation of this mini bar can be both functional as well as creative, and it provides you with a chic addition to your room.

Traditional liquor bottles can make for a great addition to your serving tray mini bar look, which will make your selection of drinks look more sophisticated (even if you aren’t that sophisticated yourself by the end of the night!).


Trying to keep all your cleansers, lotions, and moisturizers tidy and organized in your bathroom can be very difficult. Bathroom essentials randomly placed in your bathroom can make the room look very cluttered and messy. By adding a serving tray, you can keep all your lotions and potions tidily kept all in one place.

If you have a window-sill in your bathroom then it could be a good idea to keep a serving tray on there with a mirror, so that you can create your own make-up/getting ready space.

Often, interior design is considered an expensive hobby, but by adding features such as serving trays, which can be bought no matter what your budget is, you can develop the décor and added extras that make your house a home.  

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