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Why Walnut Makes for the Best Cheese Boards, Handle Boards & More

Why Walnut Makes for the Best Cheese Boards, Handle Boards & More

Why Walnut Makes for the Best Cheese Boards, Handle Boards & More

If you like serving your cheeses with style and are looking for a nice cheese board that will not only complement your cheeses but your kitchen as well, then there’s no better choice than a walnut cheese board. Walnut is one of the most popular options for cheese boards, handle boards and cutting boards.
As a matter of fact, walnut is one of the most popular woods for the HOME period. Here are a few reasons why walnut is the best wood for Your kitchen.

Walnut will Be Softer on Your Knives

If you’re going to use your cheese board for cutting or if you’re looking for the best cutting board for your knives, then walnut should be at the top of your list. Walnut will be much softer on your knives than other options like glass, for instance. As a matter of fact, a glass cutting board will dull your knives faster than any kind of board on the market. So, if you want both your board and knives to last longer, go for walnut.

Walnut is a Good Sanitary Option

A lot of people opt for plastic cutting boards because they assume it's the cleanest option, but that’s a misconception. While plastic boards may seem easier to clean and maintain at first glance, they will start chipping away as they suffer knife damage.

This will eventually make the surface more porous and very hard to clean. Not only that, but the surface will become harder to work with and won’t look great either. Research has even shown that a damaged plastic cutting board is harder to disinfect than a wooden surface.

Walnut, on the other hand, doesn’t chip as easily and can be just as water and bacteria resistant as plastic when treated properly. So, you won’t have to worry about bits ending up in your food. When using plastic boards, parts of it will eventually chip away. And nobody wants to eat pieces of plastic in their food. If you’re looking for a board that will keep its structure, walnut is definitely the best option. Walnut wood is also totally safe for food as it is free of toxins that could eventually end up in your food as well.

As long as you season your board as soon as you get it, it will resist odors, water, and will last longer. With regular maintenance, your board will maintain its antibacterial properties and will look great for years. As a matter of fact, a recent study found that bacteria died in a matter of minutes after being exposed to walnut, which could make them even more sanitary than other options.

And walnut isn’t as difficult to clean as many might imagine. While you won’t be able to clean walnut boards in the dishwasher, they can easily be cleaned by hand. All you have to do is wipe them down with a gentle water and soap solution. Even a mild bleach solution can be used without damaging the board.

Walnut is Self-Healing

One of the great things about wood cutting boards is that they’re more resistant to cuts than other options and they have self-healing properties. Sharp knives can often leave cuts and gouges on cutting boards, but a walnut board won’t score as easily. Walnut cutting boards made from end grain material are the best option if you want to prevent cuts. When cuts are made, the grain will separate and close back on its own. And out of all the options, walnut is also one of the most long-lasting as well.

Walnut is Produced Locally

If you want to buy wood that is locally sourced, then walnut is also a great option. All commercial grade walnut is produced right here in America. Most walnut wood comes from forests in Maine and Virginia and walnut is a great option if you’re conscious about your carbon footprint.

Walnut Boards Look Great

Last, but not least, walnut boards will look great in any kitchen. They have a nice rustic feel and will compliment your cabinetry. The contrast between your cheeses and your walnut cheese board will make them even more appealing and they are sure to impress. If you want to go for something luxurious, go for black walnut. Out of all options, nothing can beat walnut as far as presentation goes.


So, as you can see, walnut has a lot going for it and is the best option for anyone looking for durable and good-looking cheese boards or any kind of board for their kitchen. So, if you are still looking for a new board to showcase your cheeses or work on your cooking, go for walnut.

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