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    Rub The Oil Onto the Board

    3 Cleaning Techniques for Your Cutting Boards

    1887 was an ordinary year—no World Wars, no major scientific discoveries, no internet (of course), just humankind going about their day-to-day activities. But in the city of Effingham, Illinois, a discovery was brewing—one that would shape modern-day food preparation.

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    Walnut Cutting Board and Charcuterie Paddle with Handle

    4 Unusual Uses for Paddle Cutting Boards

    Paddle cutting boards are pretty boring, right? Utilitarian, unremarkable, and easily thrown out, a wooden chopping block is rarely seen as anything more than just that — a slab upon which to, well, cut things.

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    8 x 12 Small Walnut Cutting Board with Juice Groove

    Wood vs. Plastic Cutting Board: Pros and Cons

    When asked, most chefs and home cooks will state that their chef’s knife is the single most important tool in their arsenal. To some extent, they would be right. A reliable all-purpose chef’s knife and the skill to use it could single-handedly have the biggest impact on your cooking.

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    4 Factors That Make Wood Carving Boards Amazing

    The humble chopping board is one of the kitchen utensils that get the most consistent use. Whether you’re making a simple, midweek dinner or a scrumptious meal for a special occasion, you’ll no doubt rely on your chopping board for your culinary creations to come to life.
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    Cheese and Bread Bundle

    Cutting Boards: Wood Versus Plastic

    Cooking is an art that deserves a great deal of attention. From the ingredients to the utensils, you want to be sure you have the right tools to cook up a food treat that will tingle taste buds.
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    clean and food-safe materials

    Affordable Ideas for Your Wooden Cheese Board

    You have company coming over, and you're scratching your head trying to figure out what to serve them. The idea of a luxurious, mouth-watering cheese board and a few glasses of wine sounds just about right.

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    Walnut Cutting Board with Knob Handle

    A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Wooden Cutting Boards

    Love them or hate them; here’s one thing you and I cannot dispute; Gordon Ramsey and Alain Ducasse know how to cook. But besides their stellar performances on reality TV cooking shows, both chefs treasure their cookware—key among them being their cutting boards.

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    Piece Stainless Steel Carving Set with Walnut Wood Handles

    Eco-Friendly Walnut Cutting Board: Possible or Unicorn?

    A cutting board is an essential tool for any chef. In a personal setting, your home kitchen is incomplete without it. While there are other cutting board options —glass and plastic— wooden cutting boards are a better choice in terms of practicality and hygiene.

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    Large Walnut Cutting Board with Juice Groove

    Large Cutting Board: 7 Unconventional Uses

    What would we do without a good ol’ handy cutting board in the kitchen? Very little. This major kitchen accessory is a must-have in any type of kitchen all over the world. But the true beauty of a cutting board is that it can be used for different tasks, some quite unconventional.

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    Mom's Cutting Board - 10 x 16 Walnut Cutting Board with Knob Handle

    4 Gifts for the Cook Who Has Everything

    You shut the door, close your eyes and force yourself to ponder. Today, you must come up with the perfect gift for your friend. 5 minutes go by, then… yes! You’ve got it. You will buy an apron and inscribe “World’s Best She-f” on it. She's a chef, they always need aprons. Besides, the inscription would be a great pun.

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    Mineral Oil vs. Coconut Oil for wood cutting board

    Mineral Oil vs. Coconut Oil for wood cutting board

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    A trusty cutting board is the workhorse

    A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen

    The cutting board: the unsung hero of the kitchen. Not as flashy as its partner, the knife, but just as vital. It’s easy to overlook the cutting board’s importance and just go for the lowest price tag, but you’ll find that investing in a higher quality cutting board can make a tremendous difference.

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