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Charcuterie Meat Flower and Rose - Step by Step guide

Charcuterie Meat Flower and Rose - Step by Step guide

All charcuterie boards are excellent ways to feed a crowd without a lot of work. Simply pile all the ingredients onto a charcuterie board, tray, or box. Everyone can then dive in and grab what they are in the mood to eat. While these boards are easy to make, there may be times when you want them to look fancy.

Without spending hours making them look that way. This is when knowing how to make charcuterie meat flowers can be helpful. They may look difficult, but we can assure you they are not. Today, we are going to share how to make a charcuterie rose or two for your next charcuterie board.

What is a Charcuterie Board?

If you have never seen, or made a charcuterie board before, you may be wondering what it is. Well, it is a board, tray, or even a box filled with meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, and nuts. You can even throw a few sweet treats onto a charcuterie board.

Most gorgeous charcuterie boards have an assortment of artisan crackers, hard and soft cheeses, seasonal fruit, and an assortment of meats.

charcuterie board

There are quite a few charcuterie board ideas out there, including those that are entire charcuterie trays filled with complete meals. So, don’t think these boards are the old cheese boards that were all the rage a few years ago.

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You can easily put together a charcuterie tray or board for your next family game night, movie night, happy hours, or even a party. Football Sundays are also perfect times to enjoy a charcuterie board with friends.

What are Charcuterie Meat Flowers?

Charcuterie meat flowers are basically deli meat formed into the shape of a rose. You can then add your meat roses to your boards to make them appear more elegant. 

charcuterie rose flowers displayed on a charcuterie board  with other ingredients blueberries pomegranate seeds and cherry tomatoes

Best Meats for Charcuterie Meat Flowers

Some meats are better than others when it comes to charcuterie meat flowers.

We recommend using these meats:

  • Salami Slices
  • Soppressata
  • Mortadella
  • Slices of Pepperoni

What You Need to Make Charcuterie Roses

using a small shot glass to make charcuterie meat flower

You will need a wine glass (or shot glass for smaller flowers) to make the charcuterie meat roses for your board.

As for the luncheon meat, it should be sliced into circles. Square and rectangular deli meat doesn’t work as well for charcuterie roses and will lose its shape before you place it on the board.

If you cannot find round sandwich meat, you can use a circle cookie cutter to get the shape you need for all types of meat roses. You can even create smaller salami roses. To do this, use a circle cookie cutter to make the rounds smaller.

How to Make Fold Salami For Charcuterie

Following the steps to make charcuterie roses will ensure all your meat flowers come out perfectly each time.

NOTE: you can use a shot glass in place of a wine glass - your rose will just be a little smaller.

The First Layer

first layer of the meat flower - 3 pieces of salami on top of the shot glass

For the first layer of your charcuterie rose you will want to layer three slices of meat around your wine glass. Fold half of the slice of meat into the glass, and the remaining half over the outside. The pieces of meat should be overlapping slightly, so it covers the entire glass.

The Second Layer

salami meat flower - 2nd layer - add 5 more pieces

Your second layer will have five pieces of meat. Overlap those pieces in between the first three slices in your wine glass. This will ensure the layers do not fall apart and will stay in place when the charcuterie rose is complete.

Keep in mind you can use salami or pepperoni!

The Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Layers

Continue adding layers of meat inside your wine glass until you have six layers piled up inside. This will give you a very full charcuterie meat flower for your board. The more layers you have, the larger roses you can create for your

Flip the Glass Over Once

glass inverted after the salami pieces are placed on top

Your charcuterie rose is ready, flip the wine glass over and place the rim of the glass on the board. Do not remove the glass until everything else is in place on your charcuterie board or tray. This will help the flower stay together. It also makes it easier to move if you want to place it somewhere else.

Remove the Glass - repeat for additional flowers - use a variety of meats for best display!

charcuterie tray with 4 different meat flowers of different meats and sizes

When your charcuterie tray is ready to serve, remove the glass and have a perfect meat flower to serve to your guests.

Just make sure you have all your gourmet cheeses, fresh fruit, and other foods in place. If you don’t, your salami roses may fall apart when they are moved even slightly.

If you want more than one charcuterie rose on your board, repeat the process. Use different glass sizes and different types of meat for best display effects.

The best thing about these charcuterie meat flowers is they will not fall apart as people start to pull the meat out. They will hold their shape until the very last piece of meat has been taken to eat.

How Long Will It Take to Make Charcuterie Roses?

It doesn’t take too much time to make charcuterie roses. Basically, you need approximately 15 minutes to gather everything you need. Then another 15 minutes to make the charcuterie meat flowers. Of course, it may take you longer if you plan on making more than a couple flowers for your board.

We just don’t want you thinking it will take you hours to create these beautiful roses for your charcuterie boards. They are much easier than you think and will become even easier with a little practice.

Start adding charcuterie roses to your boards today and see how much better everything looks when you place them on the table. We guarantee your guests will be impressed with your charcuterie meat flower skills and will want to know how you managed to make your trays look so nice! Serve this appetizer with rose wine or even white wine for an excellent pairing.

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