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Food Grade Mineral Oil vs. Coconut Oil for wood cutting board

Food Grade Mineral Oil vs. Coconut Oil for wood cutting board


Seasoning your new or not so new cutting board is an essential step in making sure it lasts a long time. How do you choose the right oil for your wood board or butcher block? In this guide we're going to talk about two main oils that are commonly used: food grade mineral oil and coconut oil.

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Why should you oil your cutting board?

Everyday use will take its toll on your board. Chopping and cutting food along with warm and soapy water will add some wear and tear to your board. While cleaning your board is essential, seasoning it regularly is another thing you should do to take care of it. This helps prevent bacteria, makes cleaning the board easier, and prevents board warping and cracking.

two wood cutting boards with a bottle of wood oil

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Seasoning your board also adds a layer of protection around your board. This will keep it safe from bacteria, blades, and heat. (see also: How to Season a Wood Cutting Board)


Food Grade Mineral Oil Vs. Coconut Oil for Wood Products

If you’re wondering what to use to season your cutting board, there are a few options. The most popular are mineral oil and coconut oil. Mineral oil, while popular, is also a by-product of crude oil. It doesn’t sound delicious and you may not want it near your food. It also contains toxins.

Usually, you’ll find mineral oil in the paint department at your local hardware store. Not exactly a place for grocery shopping. While there are food-safe alternatives of mineral oil, it’s not worth chancing it.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, is non-toxic and comes with a host of benefits. You will find it in the grocery store next to olive oil, or other health food items such as supplements.

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Coconut oil will moisturize your board and help it from cracking. Coconut oil is also resistant to rancidity. It is natural and doesn’t come with harmful dyes or additives like mineral oil might.

Why You Should Use Fractionated Coconut Oil

bottle of butcher block oil: does not contain mineral oil

First of all, what is fractionated coconut oil? This is most popularly known as MCT oil or liquid coconut oil. It is refined using a refractionation process that distills the coconut oil, so only the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are left.

This leaves a pure oil that won’t go rancid and makes it a far superior oil for seasoning your cutting board. This process also makes it better to use than regular coconut oil, which can still go rancid over time. See details on Amazon here.

Whether you got a new cutting board or inherited one from a relative, seasoning your board will bring it back to life and even extend its longevity. Seasoning your board is easy to do and is excellent preparation for al your culinary needs. It will also protect it from bacteria, cracking, and splintering so you can rest assured your family will be protected from anything unhealthy.

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