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What is a Hump Steak? - Steak Around the World

cross-section of a cooked hump steak to show what is hump steak?

As a meat lover, there are many cuts you can choose from. Each comes with its unique taste, texture, and nutritional value. One little-known cut is the hump steak. But what is a hump steak?

Knowing about the different beef cuts and what each offers is essential. If you're looking for even more information, check out our complete guide to beef cuts. This article will discuss what hump steak is, how it tastes, and how to cook and serve it.

What is a Hump Steak?

Hump steak is a cut from the hump of a cow. Yes, you read that correctly, some cows have humps! Some breeds, such as the Zebu and Brahman, are humped.

a humped Hmong cow standing in a field

While most people have never had this kind of steak, it is common in some places. These include South America, Central Asia, and Russia. Each culture has its name for this amazing cut. Russians call it basha, while Brazilians call it Cupim.

Hump steak is gaining popularity because of its unique flavour and texture. Compared to other cuts, this steak is known for its rich flavor and tenderness. In addition, it is an excellent source of proteins, zinc, iron, and other nutrients.

As you already know, hump steak is somewhat rare, making it an expensive cut. In addition, it requires careful preparation to bring out its rich tenderness and flavor. For many, it is worth seeking, no matter the cost.

How to Cook and Serve Hump Steak

Hump steak is a versatile steak that you can prepare in various methods. Pan-searing is the most common way of preparing this delicious steak. Remember to slice out the edges for the best results to eliminate the extra fat.

First, season the steak with salt and pepper. In a large griddle over medium-high heat, saute the steak until just cooked. Add Cabernet Sauvignon to the steak and cook until the wine reduces by half. This should take around 5 minutes.

hump steak being cooked on a griddle

Next, take it out of the griddle. Let it cool for around 15 minutes. Chop each stick into smaller parts for easy serving.

Hump Steak Around the World

While hump steak is not something you come across easily in most contries, it is featured in many cuisines around the world. First, it is popular in Brazilian cuisine. Chefs usually stew it or roast it in churrasco.

In other South American countries such as Uruguay and Argentina, cooks use it to prepare Asado, a popular barbecue dish. In Central Asia, hump steak is the main ingredient in preparing a hearty rice dish typically served on special occasions.

Moving to India, hump steak is used to make kebabs and curries. It is also a common ingredient in shawarma and other grilled dishes in the Middle East. In Indonesia, it is the key ingredient in preparing Rendang, a spicy stew frequently taken with rice.

rendang stew on a white plate garnished with leaves

Apart from its culinary uses, this special cut holds various cultural significance. In South American countries, it is associated with celebrations and social gatherings, while in central Asia, it symbolizes hospitality and generosity.


Hump steak is a unique and delicious cut gaining popularity worldwide due to its rich flavor, tenderness, and nutritional value. Hump steak is a versatile steak that you can prepare in several ways. With basic steak cooking skills, you can easily get it right the first time.

While this may be an expensive steak that requires careful preparation, it is worth the hassle for any meat lover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cow hump meat good?

It depends on your preference. If you love a juicy, tender, buttery steak with rich flavor, then cow hump will be your desired go-to. If you are after a steak with high nutritional value, cow hump is also a fantastic choice.

What is the toughest cut of beef?

Shank is the toughest cut of beef. It is located on the forearm and upper hind legs of the cow. This cut is extremely tough and filled with connective tissue. However, with the right treatment and preparation, you can turn this tough cut into a tender plate of barbecue meat.

Since the shank is unpopular, it is unlikely that you will find it in a typical retail store. While you may be led to believe this is not a desirable portion, you can use it to prepare the luxurious Italian dish called osso buco.

Can you freeze a hump steak?

Like any other steak, you can freeze the hump steak. Remember to leave it to cool down first before you throw it into the freezer. When frozen too hot, it will lose its tenderness.


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