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4 Ways Our Wood Cutting Boards Are Eco-Friendly

4 Ways Our Wood Cutting Boards Are Eco-Friendly

4 Ways Our Wood Cutting Boards Are Eco-Friendly

Wood cutting boards far outweigh their plastic and glass equivalents when it comes to hygiene, resilience, and user-friendliness. For instance, bacteria can’t thrive on them, and they’re hardwearing, so they won’t get scratched easily by a knife.


However, regardless of all the benefits of wooden cutting boards, you may feel genuine apprehension. Perhaps you’re asking yourself how many trees get chopped down to make these boards and how it’ll affect the environment.

Enter Virginia Boys Kitchen, and you don’t need to worry about the environment anymore.

We provide top-of-the-range wooden cutting boards without disturbing the ecological balance. Today, we share what makes our boards eco-friendly.

1 - Sustainably Sourced

walnut cutting board

We source our wood sustainably and only use American Appalachian hardwood. That way, we can ensure every bit of wood we harvest is grown under sustainable conditions.

Under the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service, scientists actively monitor whether forests are sustainable or not.

The USDA keeps track of all the information about the conditions of forests all over the United States to ensure they remain sustainable.

The table below highlights what separates sustainable forests from regular ones:

Factor Sustainable Regular
Felling Controlled No replacement
Ecology Balanced in its natural state Unbalanced
Harvesting Controlled to prevent overharvesting Uncontrolled

2 - Made in the USA

We manufacture all our boards in the USA. This means they’re made under strict quality control measures. Everything from the manufacturing process to staff training and workshop standards is tightly controlled.

As a result, you can be assured that our products have no hidden constituents.

Our warehouse falls under the purview of the OSHA regulations framework, making the process safe and free from harmful by-products that can damage the environment.

What’s more, the final products travel over a shorter distance, creating a lower carbon footprint.

Side note: Carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Goods shipped from abroad typically come with a higher carbon footprint due to burning large amounts of fuels as they travel long distances.

Our packaging is fully recyclable and made in the USA, so apart from saving the environment, you also support local businesses by buying from us.

3 - We Replenish the Forest

large tree in forest

Without trees, there’s nothing to:

  • Purify the air
  • Regulate the carbon and water cycle
  • Protect the soil
  • Provide habitat for animals to maintain ecological balance

That’s why our production process has the environment in mind. We replace all the trees cut down to make our products with new ones.

Seeing as it’s not possible to use the entire tree to make our small kitchen products, we contribute more to the forests than what we take.

To add some context, it only takes about 1/50th of the tree to make a board, which means we get about 50 boards from the same tree. However, for every single board you buy from us, we plant a tree—that’s 50 trees for each one that’s cut down.

We only get our wood from forests with a:

  • growth rate 2.4 times higher than the combined harvest and mortality rate. 
  • “Verified as sustainable” badge. 

Note: We follow the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. (AHMI) system. The AHMI gives a verification badge for sustainable forests. They base their rating on data about mortality, growth, and harvest rates obtained from the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) across the United States.

We make and polish all our products using safe and non-toxic materials.

Our inks are 100% vegetable-based, which is environmentally friendly because of the following features:

  • 100% natural
  • No traces of petroleum
  • At least 30% vegetable oil 
  • More than 55% renewable materials

In addition, we use natural oils to wax and season the cutting boards.

Side note: All cutting boards need to be seasoned by waxing and oiling them to nourish and replenish the wood. This prevents them from becoming dull and brittle or harboring bacteria.

We make our seasoning oil from natural, food-grade, pure fractionated coconut oil without paraffin or hidden chemicals. We don’t use genetically modified or petroleum-based oils, which can introduce toxins into the environment.

We chose coconut oil because it has a lower content of unsaturated fats. Other oils with high unsaturated fat components become sticky, darker, and smell bad with exposure to heat, light, and moisture.

In contrast, coconut oil tends to show high resistance to oxidation.

Get Your Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Cutting Boards

walnut cutting board
10.5 Inch Round Walnut Cheese Board With Groove

Caring for the environment and having beautiful kitchen pieces shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. With Virginia Boys Kitchen’s range of exquisite cutting boards, you can satisfy both your love for stunning kitchenware and your goodwill towards the environment.

“Best cutting board. This is the most well made, beautiful cutting board I've ever seen.”
~ Pat M, Verified Buyer

Besides being eco-friendly, our boards are:

  • Made from beautiful walnut wood that blends perfectly in any kitchen set-up. 
  • Pre-seasoned so that you can use it straight out of the box. 
  • Knife-friendly. The walnut wood has soft straight grains, so it won’t make your knives dull. 
  • Easy to use. They’re fully reversible. In addition, they’re thick and sturdy, so they won’t move when you’re cutting.
  • Long-lasting. Our manufacturing process is top-notch, so the board won’t crack, warp, or splinter. 

Browse our catalog and choose from a range of wooden boards to use for cutting meat, bread, fruits, and vegetables or for your charcuterie displays.

You can also use these stunning boards as corporate gifts. For a minimum order of 20 units, we can customize your order using our laser engraver like in the image below.

engraved cutting board
Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Simply pick your chosen product from the standard catalog, then send us your design or logo. We’ll give you a mock-up of your engraved boards. Once we get your approval, we’ll complete the job and ship it to you in under a month.

Remember, with every purchase you make, you directly contribute to the reforestation of American forests. Plus, our packaging is fully recyclable—another bonus for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for the cutting board?

Keep the wood hydrated by applying oil and wax regularly. Any food-grade oil that won’t introduce toxic chemicals to your board works.

Avoid oils that are rich in fat, such as olive, corn, or sunflower oil, because they quickly go rancid, giving your board a nasty smell.

Use good-quality knives that won’t damage the surface. Wash the board with soap and water after use and let it air dry thoroughly in between uses.

Side note: Bacteria thrives in warm, moist places, so by keeping the board dry, it stays clean and hygienic.

Can I place the cutting board under the air fryer or toaster to protect the countertop?

It’s not advisable to use the board for anything else other than what it’s made for. The heat from the gadgets can damage the wood. Placing a weight in the same place can also cause the board to crack.

Can I use cleavers on the cutting boards?

While the surface is excellent for non-denting knives, the force required to use a cleaver may damage the board. You can end up causing cracks in the wood grains which becomes a health risk.


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