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Charcuterie Board for 30 Guests - A Step-By-Step Guide

charcuterie board for 30 guests

Many people get confused when it comes to serving more guests with an amazing charcuterie board. Though serving more guests might be tricky, but it is not as difficult as it is considered. This article is crafted to help you find an easy and customized way to serve your 30 guests with a delicious charcuterie board.

You can leave an unforgettable impression on your guests by serving them with a delicious and mouth-watering charcuterie board. Serving your guests with the tips and procedures integrated into this article can increase your hosting demand and make your guests pleasantly satisfied with your charcuterie serving.

How many ounces per person do I need

To serve your 30 guests with a charcuterie board, you must keep in mind the preferences and likeness of your guests whom you are going to host. It is recommended to prepare a list of ingredients and amounts of components before shopping for your upcoming party or event.

You can calculate the number of ingredients along with their accurate quantities by estimating the per-person serving amount and multiplying it by 30. Now, would you be confused about calculating per person charcuterie board serving?

charcuterie cheeses

No worries! Here is the estimated amount of an ideal charcuterie per person serving:

  • 2-3 oz meat, 4-5 sliced cheeses, and fewer additional accompaniments while presenting as an appetizer.
  • 5-6 oz meat, 6-7 sliced cheeses, and plenty of additional accompaniments while serving as an entire meal.


    The estimated cost of charcuterie for 30 guests serving ranges from $450 to $1500. It may vary according to the following:

    • Number of ingredients.
    • Quality of ingredients.
    • The place from where you shop.

    Here is a cost calculation method that you can use to estimate the personalized cost of the charcuterie board for your 30 guests based on your selected ingredients and board to present at your event.

    Total Cost of Charcuterie Board = Cost of all food ingredients + Cost of charcuterie

    board + Number of charcuterie utensils

    Cost of all Foods = Estimated Cost of every ingredient per person serving x 30


    charcuterie ham and cheese

    More people come up with more choices, and it is quite transparent to understand that your charcuterie serving 30 people will demand more and generally likable ingredients. Here is the list of components that you can add to your charcuterie board while preparing it for your 30 valued guests.

    • Preserved Meats
    • Sliced Cheeses
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Herbs
    • Sliced Breads
    • Nuts
    • Olives
    • Sweets
    • Garnishes
    • Crackers

      What utensils do you need for a charcuterie board party?

      You can get as creative as you can but here are some basic things that you will need for your charcuterie board:

       cheese knife set on amazon fancy toothpicks set of 100 has golden round tops set of three glass carafes
      compostable platter  fancy napkins with gold specks
        • Fancy toothpicks (on Amazon) might come in really handy
        • Instead of cheap white flimsy paper plates, you might want to opt for something a little fancier - might we suggest compostable platters like this one pictured above.
        • And don't forget other party essentials such as pitchers, carafes, and some fancy cocktail napkins. (on Amazon).
        • For snacks that doesn't quite fit on the charcuterie board itself, put them in a fancy bowl! Square or angled white ceramic bowls look best, but if you don't have them in your kitchen, get disposable angled white bowls like the ones pictured below on Amazon.


      angled white bowl with fruits in them

       Decorate it:

      Choose something fun, such as this paper runner (on Amazon) for your grazing table:

      table runner charcuterie

      While serving your guests, you must place serving utensils on the charcuterie board so that your guests may enjoy the hassle-free servings. Some important utensils for charcuterie are:

          • Small plates.
          • Spoons, cheese knives, forks.
          • Toothpicks.
          • Napkins.

      Step-By-Step Instructions

      Person Slicing Cheese on Brown Wooden Chopping Board

      If you are hosting 30 guests at your party and want them to serve with an unforgettable charcuterie board, you must customize your charcuterie board according to your invited guests. Here are 5 easy steps that would help you to please your guests with your charcuterie serving.

          1. Make a List of All Charcuterie Ingredients

      While preparing a charcuterie board for 30 guests, you must prepare a list of all the charcuterie ingredients carefully in such a way that your hosting leaves no gaps to be fulfilled. Your list of charcuterie board ingredients should consider your guest preferences.

      You must calculate the amount of each charcuterie ingredient for 30 people so that your food and money don’t go to waste in any case. It is always better to choose budget-friendly ingredients or shop from discounted places because your hosting can be a pro with such smart decisions.

          1. Choose an Appetizing Charcuterie Board

      whiskey barrel charcuterie

      Don’t forget to choose an appealing charcuterie board for your guests to make your one-time charcuterie party memorable. The one you see pictured above, is actually a whiskey barrel slab that we bought at a local art fair by a local artisan. 

      But no worries, any dark wood board will look gorgeous with your charcuterie - check out our favorite collection of charcuterie boards from Virginia Boys Kitchens on Amazon.

      It is suggested to pick up a charcuterie board that doesn’t interfere with your placed ingredients, i.e., a wooden charcuterie board that doesn’t absorb flavors, etc.

      The shape and size of the charcuterie board depend on the number of items to be served on the charcuterie. A perfect charcuterie accommodates all of your chosen ingredients with an amazing display. Try to choose a natural quality charcuterie board for your guests.

          1. Slice All the Large Ingredients

      cut up cheese on a wooden board

      Whether it is meat, cheese, or any other ingredient, you must slice the large parts of the food into small components. Most people feel it a bit inconvenient to tackle the large pieces of food at the party. Your small effort of slicing large ingredients can add a pleasant essence to your serving.

      Try to prepare one-bite pieces of meat for 30 guests serving the event, along with the fine slicing of cheeses. Similarly, put small cubes of vegetables and fruits to let them look more delicious. Lastly, place the nuts after removing their coverings, i.e., walnuts, peanuts, or pistachios.

          1. Beautifully Organize Charcuterie Board

       charcuterie beautifully arranged on a round board

      You know what! Most of the time, the way of presenting the food leaves more sticky impressions on the guests rather than its taste. When you are hosting 30 guests for charcuterie, you must plan and organize the charcuterie board according to the number of people after accurately measuring the serving quantity.

      It is recommended to make good combinations of food with contrasting colors. For instance, place meat with cheese, choose tasty and bright-colored fruits, and garnish your serving with bright-colored flowers or fresh green herbs. You can also use some sauces and dips to make it more flavorful.

          1. Serve Charcuterie Board With Utensils

      fancy toothpicks and fork for charcuterie

      Utensils are the important or key elements of any charcuterie board serving. Whatever the ingredients you have chosen to place into your charcuterie board, they would be unavailable without utensils. Additionally, try to keep some extra utensils on the board from the measured guest numbers.

      The charcuterie board should be served with small plates, spoons, forks, napkins, knives, toothpicks, and other necessary components. You must keep each and every utensil hygienic so that your guests may enjoy your served meal without any health or hygienic concerns.

      Final Remarks

      Charcuterie board serving is an amazing idea to host your guests, yet it is a bit different to prepare a charcuterie board for 30 guests at once. This article carries plenty of useful information to help you understand the particular requirements of preparing a charcuterie board for your 30 honorable guests, along with the step-by-step guidelines for its preparation.

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