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    Cheese and Bread Bundle

    Cutting Boards: Wood Versus Plastic

    Cooking is an art that deserves a great deal of attention. From the ingredients to the utensils, you want to be sure you have the right tools to cook up a food treat that will tingle taste buds.

    Among the most used utensils are your cutting boards. There are different wood and plastic chopping boards you can use to show off your culinary skills.

    But there’s an argument over which material is the best fit for the right chopping blocks.

    So which material is the best fit? Wood-cutting boards are much better than plastic for delivering the perfect chops for your dinner table. But don’t take our word for it.

    Let’s show you why you should choose wood rather than plastic to serve your foodie magic.

    The Final Verdict: Wood Versus Plastic Cutting Boards

    Cheese and Bread Bundle
    Cheese and Bread Bundle


    Wood Plastic
    Make for better sanitary conditions More affordable
    Greater strength and resilience They can be cleaned with a dishwater
    More knife friendly Lightweight and easy to handle
    Environmentally friendly
    Easier to use
    We plant a tree for every Virginia Boy’s Kitchen purchased wood board


    Wood Plastic
    More challenging to clean. Boards have to be replaced more frequently.
    Heavy and takes up more space. Boards harbor bacteria in knife scratches which can be dangerous for food.
    Knives can easily blunt on these boards.
    Dangerous for the environment after discarding as they’re not biodegradable.

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    You can see there are more advantages to using a wood cutting board than the plastic variants. Let’s take a closer look and see why they’re the right choice to elicit that finger-licking response to your cooking.

    Better Sanitary Conditions

    24 x 18 Extra Large Walnut Cutting Board with Juice Groove
    24 x 18 Extra Large Walnut Cutting Board with Juice Groove

    Bacteria can’t thrive in wood due to the antibacterial properties present. This quality gives wood blocks a sanitary advantage over the plastic variants.

    Moisture, on which bacteria thrives, goes to the center of the wooden material. Here, bacteria can’t multiply and will therefore die, leaving it to be removed by cleaning.

    Studies have also shown that wood cutting boards harbor the fewest bacteria. End grain wood cutting blocks made with hardwoods like oak, walnut, and maple, are good at strangulating bacteria. It’s a quality that makes them safe for meal preparation.

    Also, knives can make scars and scratches on plastic cutting boards. These spaces house lots of bacteria over time. So, the meals made with a plastic board can be unsafe and dangerous for consumption as a result.

    Meat juices are a problem for cheap wood cutting boards, too. But our wood boards are designed with grooves on the side to take care of the runoff juices from the meat and other products.

    For professionally designed cutting boards where bacteria won’t collect, our cutting boards are your best bet.  Also, make sure to clean our cutting boards as soon as you finish using them.

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    Strength and Resilience

    Wood cutting boards don’t get scarred easily from knives like plastic boards do. Our boards are made from thick hardwood. This thickness enables us to offer a lifetime guarantee on them, as they can last up to 5-10 years. The cutting boards also protect your countertops from knife abrasions. 

    Plastic cutting boards only last for one year on average. Their thinness and susceptibility to knife scars are the major causes. During the lifespan of a wood board, you’d have bought many plastic boards. This means wood cutting boards are cheaper in the long run.

    Some hardwood varieties, like maple, walnut, and oak used for end grain boards can even self-heal from scars and scratches.

    One Virginia Boys Kitchen gave this review about our Walnut Cutting Board and Charcuterie Paddle

    “I loved seasoning my board I used coconut oil and spent a few days on this it is now in use every day and is very easy to keep clean I have four children and a husband also using it and so far not a knife mark on it going to have to buy more as Christmas presents.” 


    The wood fibers on these boards usually separate on impact from the knives’ thrust. Afterward, they come back together immediately.

    Our end grain wood cutting boards are perfect for commercial-grade entities, like restaurants, for this reason. They are also resistant to warping, a condition that affects the shape and functionality of many poorly maintained wood items.

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    More Knife-Friendly

    If you like your knives sticking around for a long time, a wood cutting board should be on your priority list. Knives last much longer with wood cutting boards than they do with plastic cutting boards.

    Hardwoods like maple and walnut have sponge-like wood fibers, making them easy on your knives. On the other hand, constant knife use on plastic boards affects the knife’s edges and performance over time.

    Knife cuts on a plastic cutting board could also lower the board’s lifespan. These boards become more difficult to clean and maintain over time. 

    A good board that’s well-seasoned ensures you have a sturdy, good looking cutting board to last you a long time. You can do this with all our Virginia Boys Kitchen boards.

    “Board looks and feels amazing. Comes with great instructions on how to care for the board and how to season it correctly over time. Paddle is very useful as I haven't ever had a paddle board cutting board in the past.”  


    Sometimes, the knife can cut through a plastic cutting board and scratch your countertops. That’s why you have to dispose of the boards as soon as you notice this.

    You can get great knives to complement your chopping blocks.

    Environmentally Friendly

    10.5 Inch Round Walnut Cheese Board with Groove
    10.5 Inch Round Walnut Cheese Board

    Many wood cutting board manufacturers damage the environment due totrees loss during the manufacturing process. But Virginia Boys Kitchen is different with our environmental sustainability policy.

    When you buy a wood cutting board from us, we plant a tree. This policy ensures the sustainability of our forests and reservoirs. So, not only are you serving up mouth-watering treats through using your cutting board, but you’re also helping the environment.

    The same cannot be said about plastic cutting boards. They’re made out of depleting minerals like petroleum. Their production process is toxic and is a major cause of acid rain — affecting the world’s water resources. It has also contributed to political strife globally.

    Wood cutting blocks can easily disintegrate into the environment after disposal. This makes them a safe ally of the environment. On the other hand, plastic boards are not biodegradable, making them dangerous for the environment.

    There is also the additional danger of microplastics. These plastic particles could get into your meals during preparation through knife slashes. Their accumulation in our bodies can be harmful.

    We all want to treat our environment right. One way of doing that is by getting a wood cutting board rather than a plastic board.

    We have enough plastic waste globally. It’s a contributor to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, loading toxins into our environment and water resources. Going for wood cutting boards will stop such pollution and make our world a better place.

    Getting End Grain Wood Cutting Boards in 2021

    Virginia Boys Kitchen stocks high-quality wood cutting boards. They’re sourced sustainably from American walnut wood. We also make high-quality knives and wooden trays.

    Our products have a lifetime guarantee. If you’re not convinced with our products, you can return them to us within 120 days and get a refund.

    We also provide custom-made cutting boards for gifting to your friends and loved ones like this customer:

    “Great gift! I have another Virginia Boys Kitchens cutting board and recently used it serving dinner when my mom was in town visiting. She liked it so much that I ordered her this style for Mother’s Day!”  -Carolyn V.

    Make an order for your next cutting board with Virginia Boys Kitchen today.

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