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How to Fold Prosciutto for Charcuterie Board - Rose, Ribbon, Cups

How to Fold Prosciutto for Charcuterie Board - Rose, Ribbon, Cups

No charcuterie plate is complete without a bunch of prosciuttos folded into flowers and fans. The sliced and folded meat looks aesthetically appealing and provides the delicate taste everyone love. The perfect balance of sweet and salty, and its creamy texture melts in the mouth pairing with wine.

This article will help you up your style game on the Charcuterie board. We will give you different ideas, teach you how to fold Prosciutto perfectly, and all the other information you need about prosciutto flowers.

What is Prosciutto?

Prosciutto Roses

Prosciutto is unsmoked, uncooked, cured ham. It comes in a sheet of thin slices. The delicacy can adorn any dinner party or charcuterie board and pair well with other delicacies like cheese, nuts, sauces, and dips. 

The thin slices of meat are cured and as they age, their taste intensifies. Prosciutto can be salty or full of flavors from herbs and spices like black pepper, garlic, juniper, or rosemary.

The cured meat gets better with time, and the best Prosciutto is aged ones where flavor has been immersed in the meat and is full of flavor.

How to Serve Prosciutto?

Prosciutto can be served on its own with a glass of wine, or you can fold it in exciting ways for dinners, cocktail parties, or wine tasting. They look great on cheese board or charcuterie with cheese, nuts, crackers, or other snacks They can be served individually, or you can pair them with cheese, fruits, or bread.

The delicate slices allow you to fold the piece of Prosciutto in different ways and serve it with style. Especially for the Charcuterie board, Prosciutto can be served with other delicacies or Italian meats. You can make interesting flowers with Prosciutto slices. A common trend is to make Prosciutto flowers, like prosciutto roses, lilies, Rosettes, or any other shape you fancy.

Prosciutto on Charcuterie Board

Prosciutto is an essential part of any charcuterie board. It adds flavor, rich taste, and style to your board's needs. You can make beautiful flowers with a pack of Prosciutto or pair it with other delicacies to enhance its flavor and texture. Prosciutto Di Parma is a famous delicacy that often is served on Charcuterie boards.

Let's start the fun by making some fun Prosciutto flowers.

Prosciutto Roses

a piece of proscuitto rolled into a rose

Whether making for the charcuterie board or just using it as an appetizer on your dinner table, you can't go wrong with Prosciutto roses. They are easy to make. Looks beautiful and provides elegance to your board.

Use a pack of Prosciutto wrapped in a sheet to make small roses. Roses are easy to make.

  • Cut a piece of Prosciutto that is about half an inch wide.
  • Grab the prosciutto piece from the fat side and roll it into a small rose.
  • To make sure you make all roses of the same size, you can cut the pieces of the same length and width.

You can serve the prosciutto roses as it is or make them more interesting with this twist.

To make the appetizer, you need whipped cream.

  • Rice crackers
  • Dill stem with leaves
  • Pipe the cream cheese on a rice cracker. Place the Prosciutto roses in the middle. Add the chopped dill, and it's perfect for the occasion.
By folding, you make miniature roses that have limited appeal. Here is another interesting way to make bigger roses with a more beautiful flower pattern.

Note: for this next rose, the result might be better with Salami - but if you have thick cut prosciutto you can try it:

salami rose

photo credit: Hilda's Kitchen Blog

  • You will need lots of petals, so Cut round pieces from a Prosciutto pack.
  • So you only need these prosciutto petals and a glass of wine with a narrow opening. Use a cookie cutter to cut identical petals for a perfect rose.
  • Fold the meat on the glass opening with half inside and half hanging outside. Press the brim of the glass to fix it.
  • Use another slice and place it on the first petal.
  • Keep arranging the petals. Once the glass opening is covered, keep layering the petals on it.
  • Press all layers with your hands to ensure all pieces remain fixed.
  • Turn the glass upside down and lift the glass.

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Prosciutto Fan

Take a pack of Prosciutto:

  • Fold them so that one part is less than half up. Keep the fat part below
  • Press the prosciutto bottom so that it is
  • Keep folding the Prosciutto alternative ways of pinching the bottom, just like we make a paper fan.
  • Once it looks like a small fan, pinch the bottom to set it in place.
  • Once you have made several fans, you can style them on board, making small circles with fans or lining them on the sides to make a border.

Pro Tip

Take thinner slices. Thicker slices will open easily.

Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks

prosciutto breadsticks

It's an easy appetizer for those who want to serve Prosciutto as an appetizer. Italian meat's rich, and the salty flavor goes very well with the breadsticks.

For these, you need only two ingredients. Take crunchy breadsticks and wrap the thin slice of prosciutto around it tightly.

Place them on your charcuterie board and let your guest revel in the

The Quarter fold Prosciutto

quarter fold prosciutto

It's an easy way to present Prosciutto on board. Take the Prosciutto sheet and fold it in half. Fold it one more time. It should look like an equilateral triangle Make several triangles, and you can make a bigger flower or a variety of textures on your board.

Half Fold Or Ribbon

Prosciutto slices can be folded into a ribbon.

To make a ribbon

  1. Fold an inch of prosciutto sheet into half lengthwise
  2. Layer it back and forth evenly with fat side up/
  3. Prosciutto De Parma Cups with Goat cheese
  4. You need 6-7 slices of Prosciutto.
  5. Cut these slices into half crosswise


Prosciutto Cups

  • Place each prosciutto slice into a mini muffin pan
  • Put the tray in a preheated oven and bake it for 10 minutes
  • Take out the tray and let it rest.
  • Add goat cheese slices, a Ball of burrata cheese, Mozzarella cheese, or any other cheese of your choice.
  • Mix cheese with a dash of milk to give it a creamy consistency.
  • Use a piping bag or a spoon to pour a dollop of goat cheese into Prosciutto cups.
These Prosciutto cups are heavenly, with creamy cheese and crispy Prosciutto cups.

Final Words

Prosciutto strips can be folded in different ways. You can make prosciutto roses Prosciutto rosettes or wrap them in slices of cheese. The soft cheese center with salty and Prosciutto exterior is irresistible.

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